Pi Sigma Alpha

Sample Activity Grant Proposal: Film Series

The Zeta Alpha Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha would like to request a small chapter grant to sponsor a Film Series during the spring semester (2015) at Carroll University. Carroll is experiencing some significant fall off in the Liberal Arts and Sciences and we are working to highlight the popular avenues to understand some of the pressing questions considered and explored within the field of political science. A film series led by a student organization in the Liberal Arts would provide an opportunity for students from across campus to engage in watching interesting (and mainstream) films and then spend a little time discussing them with faculty after the viewing.

The grant would cover the cost of the film if unowned by the library and also light refreshments for each event. The idea behind the grant is to structure four or five “movie nights” for students, staff, and faculty (including students in history, philosophy, religious studies, and other related majors, as well as those in the health sciences and in education and business) that examine broader dimensions of political theory, public policy, American Government, and Comparative Politics.

Our budget request is to allocate $75-$100 for food and soft drinks for each movie night, thus we arrived at the total $400 ($100×4=$400). Since we need to utilize the on-campus food service, the cost of refreshments is a big steeper than if we were to go out and buy some bags of popcorn from Costco. (We are prohibited from doing such a thing.)

The Carroll Library owns quite a few recent popular films that explore any number of these issues, and they are often willing to buy more films, so we already have access to such films as “Zero Dark Thirty,” “A Civil Action,” “Good Night, and Good Luck,” ” Syriana,” etc.

Thank you for considering our request.