Pi Sigma Alpha

Governance of Pi Sigma Alpha

Executive Council: Pi Sigma Alpha is governed by an Executive Council (acting as the organizational board) consisting of the current officers (President, Treasurer, President-Elect, and Executive Director), the two most recent past presidents, the Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics faculty advisor, and twelve members elected by the membership, six to be elected every two years for four-year terms. The Council meets at least twice per year.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee of the Council consists of the President, Treasurer, President-Elect, Past-President, Executive Director, and three members of the Council elected by the Council. The Committee meets as necessary and has authority over the affairs of the society between Council meetings.

Business Meetings: Pi Sigma Alpha holds a reception or meeting annually to provide a space for chapter advisors and members an opportunity to raise and discuss issues related to the honor society. In even-numbered years a formal Business Meeting is held, during which the membership, as represented by the chapter advisors or their delegates, elects new officers and Council members. These meetings and receptions are held at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association and/or virtually.