Pi Sigma Alpha

Sample Activity Grant Proposal: Collaboration

In recent years, our chapter has planned and executed at least two successful collaborative events with the Cal State San Bernardino chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha. The first co-sponsored event was a roundtable discussion on African Politics on the CSUSB campus, followed by a joint gathering at a pizza place that included advisors, faculty, and members of both chapters. The turnout at the roundtable was quite large: about 40 people in total. However, a smaller number (about 18-20) attended the pizza party. That party was paid for out-of-pocket by those in attendance, and with a small subsidy from our Department (which is no longer available).

We would like to host an event on our campus (UofR), and our chapter’s members have proposed a debate about immigration. This year we are looking at admitting 8 students in the Fall, and hopefully more in the Spring. This would be our “traditional” spring event, which usually involves a mix of professors and/or community leaders on the panel (we are looking at 3 participants), and attendance is open to the campus community. The debate would take place in March 2015, on the University of Redlands campus. 

We would like to precede the event with a gathering of Pi Sigma Alpha members and panel members a local pizza place called “Gourmet Pizza,” and we estimate the costs as follows:

Number in attendance: 23 people (2 chapter advisors, 3 panel members, 8 UofR PSA members, and 10 CSUSB PSA members)

Food (pizza and salad), tax, tip, fountain drinks: $13 per person = $299 (round to $300)